Friday, 27 July 2012

White Valentine. Fashion Located in Italy.

Hi Fashion Located people.
I was looking for something cool to review.
A lot of Italian readers told me about WhiteValentine, so I went to its site. As I saw their jewels I remembered to have seen them weared by the coolest people I know.

"Amazing creations" I thought.
 I want them on Fashion Located!

So I started reading the company story.  And I started feeling the brand.
I was looking for something cool, but I found something more.
I found souls. I found love. I found memories. I found the hard work. I found tradition. I found the “show must go on”. I found the “never give up”. I found dreams. I found life. I found smiles. I found Italy.

I found a true story .
The story of a father and his desire to leave forever  his mark to his daughters: Bianca and Valentina.
White Valentine.
Two rings that intertwine representing a merger of souls, a merger of past and present, tradition and innovation, old and new.
 The story of a tree, Livior, and its new branch, White Valentine.
But "new" doesn't mean inexpert. "New" doesn't mean a trend doomed to end in a summer.
New means believing in the future being aware of the past, always remembering what the tree teached you: a well linked chain is unbreakable and neverending.

Some objects are just made to be seen.
Some others are just made to be weared.
Some others, WhiteValentine ones, are made to be felt.

Feel them.

To see the collection, to know more about them and to shop on line  go here .

Join the neverending chain.


  1. really AMAZIING!

  2. Gli anelli fluo sono veramente belli...

  3. Imbarazzo della scelta, come al solito !!

  4. They're wonderful!

  5. I want to join the chain!!!

  6. Summer jewels...

  7. so cool jewels!!

  8. great present for my boyfriend!

  9. Love the rings!!

  10. Rivenditori?Dove????

  11. I'm in Italy for hol, hope to find them!

  12. Made in Italy is always so perfect...

  13. I love it! so unique and gorg!! xx

  14. I never came across this brand before. Thanks for sharing it with us! X

  15. I'm a sucker for the skull-on-everything trend, so these pieces are great!

    Now following you :)

    ardena rose


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